7 Things that every tall person would relate to

Around six feet or above?
Join the tall club!

Being tall is always considered the best because it looks cool.
But little do people who aren’t tall themselves, know the everyday struggles tall people undergo.
Here’s an insight into the life of a tall person, that every one of them would relate to:

  1. Reach Out Person

7 Things that tall people miss

You’ll always be the choice when it’s time to fetch something others can’t reach.
Sometimes, they don’t even try. They ask you to get it just because they know you can.
After a point, it gets a teensy bit annoying.

  1. Limited Choices

7 Things that tall people miss

Tall guys can always date shorter girls. But tall girls generally look out for tall guys.
And in situations like this, the world suddenly undergoes a draught in terms of tall people.
And even if they find one, the chances are mere that they’d be left single.
It’s a tough call, really.

  1. Long Legs, Long Strides

7 Things that tall people miss

Having long legs is a given, and tall people hence tend to walk faster. But they are not all alone on the Roller-Coaster ride.
They eventually have to slow themselves in order to be able to walk along with others.

  1. The Back Row

7 Things that tall people miss

Your spot in the group pictures is reserved at the back, like it or not.
If you stand in the front, you’ll be blocking view for shorter people. Now that can’t be nice, right?

  1. Duck Your Way In

7 Things that tall people miss

Getting inside cars, passing through small door, requires a lot of neck craning and workout for tall people.
Some doors just don’t care enough to let them pass without looking like idiots.

  1. Cropped

7 Things that tall people miss

When your friend puts up a profile picture with you, they end up cropping your head in the thumbnail in order to get theirs to fit in.
There can’t be anything more embarrassing than having your headless picture on display.

      7.Sad Baths

7 Things that tall people miss

Sometimes, neither the bath tub nor the shower is long enough to fit you.
It’s the worst feeling, when you realize interior designers never thought it through for people as tall as you.
How mean.
Being tall is definitely not a cakewalk, but there is one thing that only tall people get to have:

The best view.
Of everything.
From that high up above, things tend to be very distinctly visible, and it doesn’t matter how many people are standing in front of you, because you are still elevated in comparison.
Basically, tall is the new sexy.



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