8 reasons you need to crush your “Crush”

Having crush on someone is a common phenomenon. We’ve all been there, done that.
What is not right, though, is when you let someone walk all over you it starts to take a major hit on yourself, sometimes even on your self-respect. You wont even know when this crush will turn into passion and when this passion will become your own enemy.

It’s just wrong. Accept it.

Yes. Sometimes in life, you need to let your crush or your love go.

Here are some facts you can relate with if its time to crush your crush:

1. Just because they are cute and affable, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to let them bring you down.
Learn to differentiate between cuteness and arrogance.

Crush 1

2. Don’t let the crush turn into an obsession.
It’s okay for them to talk with other people, stop flinching. You don’t own them.

Crush 2

3. Let go of the urge to impress them.
Don’t go out of your way to make them like you. If anything, it just makes you look desperate.

Crush 3

4. When it’s clear that you stand no chance, accept it gracefully and move on.
Instead of creepily stalking them. Or crying about it.

Crush 4

5. Understand that everyone is entitled to make their own choices.
If they like someone else, they have every right to. Don’t get bent out of shape about that, and don’t hate them for it, either.
Act your own age, for once.

Crush 5

6. Ever seen that creepy guy who seems to be everywhere you are and keeps staring at you until you get goose-bumps?
Well, don’t be that guy. Or girl.

Crush 6

7. When they make it clear they only think of you as a friend, stop adding “right now.”
You’re not in a movie. There aint no fairy tale ready to unravel itself.

Crush 7

8. A cocky crush is probably the last thing you want in your life.
Don’t let them make use of the power they have on you and make you sad. If they are ever rude to you, stop taking their shit like a Koala bear. Reciprocate.

Crush 8

Well, there, you have it.
The most important thing is to be the person you are and stop letting people intimidate you.
You were not born to let someone you like give you an inferiority complex.

Stay blessed and stay awesome.

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