8 things every short-heighted people can relate to

Little one

These are a few common nicknames for people that are considered to be tiny.

Being short is usually considered as a “cute” trait, but only those who are petite can understand what challenges they face in day to day life.
Here are some facts about being on the shorter side that are often overlooked by others:

  1. Dearth Of Opportunities

8 things every short people can relate to

In fields like IPS and Defence, for men and modelling, in case of women, height is an important factor.
Short people often get rejected in these arenas regardless of the talent they possess.
It’s quite unfair, but that’s how it is.

  1. Wardrobe Crisis


Short people have a very limited option when it comes to clothing; there is hardly anything that fits perfectly. Their apparel costs more than others because they have to pay extra for getting their clothes hemmed up to fitting.

  1. High Up Above The Sky

7 things that every short people can relate to

It’s pretty difficult, if not impossible, to reach cupboards and shelves that are placed high, as if deliberately to keep the short kids from reaching for the candy.
It’s an everyday struggle short people face.

  1. Failing Gravity

7 things that every short people can relate to

Their feet seldom touch the ground, especially when they are seated.
It looks cute but to them it feels annoying.

  1. Taller Partner

7 things that every short people can relate to

In case the boyfriend is too tall, it’s an absolute struggle when it comes to making out.
The taller one could get a crooked backbone from all the bending and lifting they have to do.

  1. Self-Consciousness

7 things that every short people can relate to

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No matter what is going on around them, short people get constantly reminded of how small they are, at the back of their minds.
It’s pretty distracting, really.

  1. Awkward Hugs

7 things that every short people can relate to

It gets pretty awkward when the situation demands hugging tall people.
I mean, it feels more like being crushed against someone’s tummy than hugging.
Awk. Ward.

  1. The Front Row

7 things that every short people can relate to

By default, they are made to sit in the first row during group photo-shoots, away from their taller friends, because if they stood at the back, they probably wouldn’t even be visible.
Say cheese?
Yeah, sure.

Yet, there is one thing short people have that tall people will never have:
Leg room.
And so much of it.
There’s a silver lining to everything, and being short is has its own perks.
Bottom line is to embrace one’s qualities, along with the flaws, because that is what differentiates us from the crowd.

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