This Barfi parody mocks all women stalkers and harassers, A must watch Tharki Anthem

On every March 8th, social media gets flooded with Happy Women’s day wishes. Every Raksha Bandhan and Mother’s day, something similar happens and girls are respected as Sisters and as Mothers. A couple of more days are also subsidized but rest of the year is open for all the pervert who loves stalking women on buses, trains, streets, colleges, cinema halls, taxis and where ever possible. This video from Shuddh Desi Songs is a tight slap to those creeps who feel proud to be called a Tharki.

There is more than a satire and a spoof which comes out of this video. And that’s “Tolerance”. Tolerance may be a democratic and social asset elsewhere but in eves teasing it’s the fairer sex’s tolerance that coaxes the perverts to do it more. Girls should know that their requests, tears, ignorance or silence will do no good for them but in a way worsen the situation. The only way to get rid of such jerks is to be Intolerant. Don’t avoid such incidents but make them visible to people around, make some noise, take the truncheon in your hand and get the shit out of those who considers women as a sex toy to satiate their tharakpan.

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