Alcohol – How much is TOO much ?

Alcohol drinking does have its merits. In fact mild / moderate drinking can help lower the risks of cardio vascular risks as has been proved in many studies. But most of us forget the word ‘moderate’, and tend to drink too much on a particular day thinking that hey I don’t drink every day.

In fact, a lot of us go out partying during the weekends. We drink, eat, dance, and have a gala time. But often it happens that we drink too much and end up making a mess or a fool of ourselves. In the heat of the moment we don’t realize that we have crossed our threshold and are on our way to get truly sloshed. It is this inebriated state when we might do things which we regret later. And its just not about the present, excessive drinking can lead to a lot of complications later in life like cirrhosis of liver, heart diseases, cancer in mouth, esophagus, just to name a few. The interesting notion is that each one of us knows this but do not realize until its too late. The question is how to know when we have reached that threshold and we have to stop consuming more alcohol. How much is too much? Of course many of us will say that we stop when we feel tipsy but unfortunately that is not the right way.

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The Centres for Disease Control has come up with rules which will help us determine our threshold; to recognize when we are drinking too much. The threshold is different for men and women. This difference is because of the differences in rate at which alcohol is metabolized by men and women. The CDC has come up with rules which will help set limits on the amount of alcohol we consume. Moderate drinking generally translates to about 1 drink a day for women and 1-2 drinks a day for men. The size of the drink also matters. One drink roughly translates to about 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine or  1 to 1.5 ounces of hard liquors such as gin or whisky. Even if we are drinking occasionally it is best to keep to the advisable limit and not go on a spree. We can avoid health complications which occur later in life and also avoid accidents and other untoward events.

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