The future of Android is in danger… Here’s why

Android’s future is in danger… Here’s why.

It’s not a surprise that Android is the front runner in the race of the best OS out there. We would like to think that the reason behind this is Android’s superiority over other iOS. But in reality a bigger reason is the sheer number of available options and of course affordability. Although these two points have worked quite well for Android, they may just be painting a bleak future for the OS. How and why is that? Let’s have a look.

 First of all, let’s look at some numbers. In 2015, Apple’s smartphone profit share was around 94% when its smartphone sales share was somewhere around 20%. Android OEMs like HTC, Sony have been suffering losses year after year. Chinese OEMs like Huawei, Xiaomi are managing year over year increase in sales, but even they are capping a measly chunk of the pie. So basically, the only two smartphone companies making profit are Apple and Samsung. And god knows Samsung’s back is against the wall.

Android’s future is in danger… Here’s why.

Source: Canaccord genuity

There may be several reasons behind this. But we believe the root cause is us, the users. You see, an average android user is much more critical about an android device’s spec and price ratio than an average IPhone user. For example, tomorrow if Apple releases a 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm piece of wood, names it iWood, advertise it to be the best cure for addicted smartphone users and charge 50$ for it, a lot of fanboys out there would actually buy it. Now imagine any Android OEM attempting the same stunt and twitter would probably break.

Android’s future is in danger… Here’s why.What we mean to say is, we (me included) are spoilt with options. With each passing day, we all are happier with ‘good enough’ smartphones. And if we do love a recent flagship, we simply wait for the price to drop before we upgrade. This may seem like a good alternative. But folks, the solution to less food are not decreasing your own appetite.

Don’t misunderstand us though. We don’t want you to be fanboys who are completely grateful when they are told “Not much has changed, but everything has changed”. Being critical is an amazing thing. And a little nudge never hurt anybody. But our nudge is turning into a kick in the crotch now.

Android’s future is in danger… Here’s why.

So our request to every Android fan out there is please do not settle for “good enough”. Because in the long run good enough, is not good enough.