Ashamed of fart? Don’t be as you are saving people’s life

Even if you don’t have an abdomen problem, it’ll be hard for you to digest this piece of gaseous shit.  According to a research being conducted in UK, FARTS actually helps you to fight cancer and other deadly diseases. And it’s useful not just for you – the releaser but for the people around you – the consumers as well.

The researchers at Exeter University in England have concluded that one shouldn’t hesitate to release their farts and its not for social reasons but medical reasons.

Ashamed of fart? Don't be as you are saving people's life

The farts which kicks out gases produced in human body contain Hydrogen Sulphide which is pretty toxic in large doses. But according to the new study, hydrogen sulphide in small doses instead helps in preventing diseases like Cancer, Dementia, Stroke and even heart attacks. And human farts , of course, has this gas in quite small amount which makes this shit an elixir.

The researchers behind the study are now using this new revelation to produce medicines for various diseases using hydrogen sulphide from farts.

And in fact they aren’t just planning; the researchers have even succeeded to use the small amount of hydrogen sulphide from human farts. “We have exploited this natural process by making a compound, called AP39, which slowly delivers very small amounts of this gas specifically to the disease,” researcher Matt Whiteman told The Mirror.

Now what are you going to do next time your body push you to fart. Hold the gas to save you from humiliation or make the noise and create a gas shield around you and your nearby.

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