BIHAR: Ban on Alcohol – Bane or Boon?

Nitish Kumar in a very grand and noble gesture has banned the sale of all types of liquor, foreign and local made, in the state of Bihar. His intent is good.

Alcohol abuse leads to a lot of crime, and it is not a hidden truth that there is excessive use of alcohol by the lower strata of the society. And it does have its ills. The meagre wages of these poor men go into buying liquor, and in their inebriated state these men often hit their wives and children. Sometimes this habit of having alcohol leads to huge debts. And, this leads to far more foreboding consequences like suicide or even murder.

So, while Nitish Kumar should be applauded for his intent, he is to be criticized for being too hasty, for not taking into consideration the consequences that such a blanket ban can lead to. Many of these people are addicted to alcohol. Years of alcohol usage have made them dependent on the liquor, and expecting such people to give up alcohol suddenly in one day is absurd and unfair. Nitish Kumar and his ministry should have provided counselling for such people and mainly help for this people before introducing a blanket ban. Sudden removal of an addictive substance can lead to lot of adverse effects. It causes people to go into depression, which may lead to suicide. It makes them fall ill as the body is not receiving what it has been led to believe is its staple. It may also lead them to take up other vices which may be more harmful than liquor.

Well, what’s done cannot be undone. And, amidst reports that many have been admitted to the hospital as their body is unable to cope with the lack of alcohol in the system and one man took to eating soap to get a kick, the right measures should be taken to help these people and numerous others who will be afflicted. Counselors should be hired and they should be provided free counselling and medicines to fight this sudden lack of the substance which to them is the nectar of life.

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