Can acupuncture help you loose your weight ?

Most of us are obese. After the physical growing age is covered and we enter the youth, the food we eat mostly settles as fat and flabs in the body. These are generally settled in the abdomen. Hence we loose the fitness, the charm of being a slim, smart, active, young. We tend to be lazy. We think of many ways to loose those flabs say yoga, some creepy exercises and machines at gymnasium, walking, jogging, running after some branded medicines or products. But mostly we become too lazy to do any of the things mentioned just above. We plan of waking early to exercise or jog but we end up snoozing our alarms and finally open our eyes when we are late for our duty. This course of action is guaranteed to be futile. Instead we should control our diet. saying no to junk foods, oily snacks can be a better option. But no one wants to compromise with their taste buds. Other reasons may be for woman say post child birth obesity or any physical disorder. But ultimately you have to work hard to get your body into shape. You cannot live with hanging pieces of fat muscles from different parts of your body.

Can acupuncture help you loose your weight
Your aim is not only to reduce weight , you have to maintain the same energy level in daily life activities. You are not expected to fall sick after loosing some pounds.

An improved and easy technique, a Chinese invention to get the problem fixed can be acupuncture i.e. puncturing the part of skin to release the body fat through energy. Very effective technique of inserting sterile needles into the body parts say ears, hands. The chemical endorphin is released through this. It marks the bursting of stress , reduction of frustration and proper functioning of metabolism of the body.

How It Works?

Can acupuncture help you loose your weight

A number of piercing done in this technique depends on the speed and amount of weight a person wants to reduce. Different spots in the ear to which the needles are inserted denote different things say hunger ,stomach etc. Mostly obesity with hunger and overeating issue can be treated with this method very well. It is a quite slow process , it will take hours long for many weeks. It is a very relaxing procedure . Along with acupuncture treatment you need control your diet and exercise alongside.

For any average condition in which the person wants to loose just 5- 6 pounds 30 minutes session in twice or thrice in a week is sufficient. After reducing maximum of the targeted weight the patient can reduce the frequency of acupuncture sessions. Sometimes to fasten the process and release of the chemical electronically stimulated needle piercing is done.

It supports health so much. It causes no side effects. It is not much costly. Its a really powerful and attractive method to loose the weight. But beware one should undergo this process with proper consultation. For general health purpose there are certain points in the body which if stimulated can keep you healthy and away from many diseases. Act Smart Stay Healthy.

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