Choices define you, so choose wisely..!

Life is a vast ocean, widespread with plethora of opportunities and magnificent possibilities. Every individual is a sailor with even amount of fate and fortune. Even after the launch and subsequent evolution of life at a uniform pace , one may often feel the grass is greener on the other side. With equal brain and affirmed capability, one stays depressed. If you feel you are in the middle of nowhere and your pace of improvement or progression deprives you of self appreciation, you should stop blaming your luck or your fate! Rather, focus over the choices you’d made in your journey so far and learn from them.

Choices and stages of life go hand in hand. You make them; they make your life in return. The realization of the fact that what you do not want in life is equally important to what you do want from life.

You opted for engineering when you could have been an Author of a Bestselling novel. You opted for a government sector job when cricket or acting was your dream career. Stop fearing taking risks and let your heart decide. The problem with things going wrong in your life and that fierce pain of dissatisfaction in your heart which makes your life grotesque is your choice! You know what you are capable of, but somewhere, somehow, you fail at realizing that and your entire life stays perplexed.

Your life is purely an outcome of what you’ve chosen for yourself and you believe it or not, it affects every single person associated with you. If you have started disliking your life, it’s the hour for improvement. Make better choices now!

Let’s consider a general scenario. You must have watched a detective show or an intriguing daily soap on the television. And if not, I’ll consider Sherlock series or Shaktiman. At the end of an episode, you’re always left with a mystery prolonging for next 24 hours. You “guestimate”! You think whether Sherlock will be killed by Moriarity or whether people will realize “Gangadhar hi Shaktiman hai!” Sets butterflies, doesn’t it? It’s all a matter of choice made by the script writer! Better the choice, more appealing will be the script.

Similarly, the beauty of your life lies in the succession of your choices. Be it the choice of your career or the matter of investment, the decision of marriage or just a move in the game of chess, the choice you make initiates procurement of prosperity, victory and peace.

You are what your choices are

You are what your choices are

Nothing ! And I reiterate in caps, NOTHING is more important than making the right choice. Don’t let anybody else decide anything for you or for your life. Guidance should not be misunderstood or intervened with making decisions. There are two general situations which one faces while making choices for life, and here is a help:


You know what you do not want from life!

You have a lot of options and you are confused! For all the vexing troubles, follow the 80/20 principle. This might not predict your decision in life or tell you what’s better by choosing the odd one out but yes, you’ll have a map of causes, results and possibilities, giving a clear vision of what is better and what is not. 80 percent of the involvement should solely be yours where your decision can be based on an analysis that revolves around suggestions and interactions with people. The input from these people should never exceed the 20 percent! After all, it is always your call at the end!


You know what you want from life!

You are ready to drop your college or leave your job for the career you strives for. The only thing that troubles you is how it will affect you in long run. The plan might just backfire, you might go bankrupt or you aren’t sure about the risks ahead. So my dear, first of all, believe in the scream of your heart and proceed with the very famous S.W.O.T. Analysis.

SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Prepare the SWOT report for your choice of career, gain an insight and proceed. You can have multiple careers too, viz. being an engineer the entire week and spending your weekend on your blog.

Stop fearing! Learn taking risks! Write your own life with your choices! Paint your life with whatever color you want!

Build the Constitution of your life! By you, Of you, For you!

If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who? Make a choice and rebuild the institution of life!

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  • Abhijit Ghosh October 24, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    This is what I needed right now. I wish i could express just how relevant this is.