Christmas and the merry of these 5 places will make your evening special

It’s Christmas time and the celebration is stewing in every corner of the world. But if at all you happen to drive round and make merry Christmas in any one of these five places, then apparently you are enjoying the special evening a slight more than us, though enough to make us jealous. Nonetheless, Merry Christmas!!!


New York - Christmas PlaceAlong with a 70-100 Norway smarten up tree festooned with about 30000 lights fettered to 5 miles of wiring and crowned with 550-pound star. New york is one of the best cities to endure sumptuous Christmas day.


Aspen, ColoradoIf at all you got a spur to celebrate white Christmas in a fewer populated yet elegant place, then Aspen is undoubtedly the spot for you. Aspen, Colorado doesn’t only render the option to ski down snow crowned mountain ranges; the town throws a string of unimaginable journey of music episodes and beautifications.


Paris, FranceIt shouldn’t be much of an astonishment that the city of lights is added to this list. With roads paneled with lights, Eiffel Tower glowing lustrously and the city’s atmosphere is one of the most beautiful places to frame memories for both families and couples.


Prague, Czech RepublicKnown for its Old Town Square “Prague”, the capital city of Czech Republic is a place that sets heart throbbing stunning Christmas look. The mesmerizing Gothic and varicoloured Baroque buildings are ought exploring. Nevertheless, multiple holiday markets at the Old Town Square makes your vacation worth a while.


Barcelona, SpainThough the Christmas celebration here in this bewitching city starts from 4th of January every year, Barcelona is unquestionably a place to celebrate your Christmas holidays. The town provides you a royal holiday adventure with fireworks, canons and a parade of elephants, camels and giraffes.

So, smash the routine of staying home this Christmas and reward yourself with a Christmas you will for sure, never ever forget. Break yourself free and wish the world Merry Christmas!

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