Are we enslaved by the Internet, Think & Act

How independent are we of the internet? Or how dependent are we on the internet?

Internet is the miracle which has transformed the world into a global village. Nothing is out of reach. Nothing is too far away. One click and everything is closer to you. What can you not do with the internet today?

Shopping for veggies or groceries? Go online!!

Buying clothes? Go online!!

Buying a phone? Go online!!

Talking to someone over the phone? Call on WhatsApp man!! Or fb or Viber or Line or Skype!!

Video Call? Check.

Want to watch your favorite seasons before they are aired in India? Go online.

Want to watch reruns? Online. The latest movies without spending a dime? Online. Excellent print dude.

Want to study for an exam? Online.

Want to check the news? Why wait for the newspaper? It’s all on the net.

Music? Why buy CDs…just download it.

We can do almost anything online. The net has also given a source of income to many, an opportunity to many from humble backgrounds to make it big in off beat industries. If you are a popular singer on you tube, it apparently makes you a singer-cum-star. Nowadays everything goes viral within seconds. The internet has the reach which had never been thought of before. Giving people FAME or SHAME, everything happens in seconds.

Internet brings the world on your fingertips

Internet brings the world on your fingertips

But how real is this? Do we ever wonder?

The internet definitely has its needs. But, after a certain point everything on the net becomes superficial. Yes, there are some who will be genuine in their boundaries but the fake entities have overshadowed them. The number of likes you get on your status doesn’t quantify the love your friends have for you. Neither the number of friends you have on Facebook or followers you have on twitter a true reflection of the friends who will be by your side no matter what. A tweet or a post or a whatsapp message cannot reflect the true feelings of a person.

But the truth is now we believe everything that is online to be true. We are taken in by the glamour of everything that is online. We cannot imagine our lives without the net even for a minute. If there is no net the first thought is Oh…shit!!! What now? Left with nothing to do ?

Have we ever thought of picking up a book? Or maybe just write? Or contemplate? Or just sit quietly doing nothing at all? Or talk to people in person?

Being disconnected from the entire world even for two minutes is something that we cannot even fathom. But being disconnected from your friends and family in person, everyone is fine with or atleast has agreed to.

Internet today is as much of a bane as it is a boon. Today we are so dependent on the net that we have forgotten to be independent of it. We think it is the end of the world if we are disconnected for even a minute. Perhaps, it is time to take up a hobby. Something which has nothing to do with the net. Something from old school. Like reading a paperback book instead of downloading the pdf. Let me tell you nothing can beat the feel of a book in your hands. Or maybe read the newspaper in the old school way. Or learn an instrument without YouTube lessons. Hire an actual teacher maybe.

Well, there are many options if we actually think about it. But probably more than half of us would google that as well. But the key is to think. Think whether we are actually becoming slave of the net.

It is time. Time to break the shackles. Time to be free of over dependence. After all, too much of anything is good for nothing.

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  • anonymous April 28, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Some days ago, i was also thinking exactly about what you have written in your article. And then i saw a video on you tube, Title: “Smartphone and Dumb People”. It was nicely depicted how people become loney with the smartphone and internet.
    People has number of online friends but in reality hardly countable true friends. Everywhere (Airport, Railway Station, Metro, Bus, wherever you go) people are busy with their phone-internet and trying to build their relation, friendship on that social platform rather than to meet personally.
    One day, i hope, the net bubble will burst and people will start becoming real.