FAN witnesses the comeback of SRK the actor in an otherwise average plot

FAN has an unconventional and brilliant idea at its core. To pit Shah Rukh Khan versus Shah Rukh Khan in a movie is a brave attempt in itself. Shah Rukh Khan gives one of his best performances onscreen after a really long time. The story has Shah Rukh Khan in a double role of a superstar Aryan Khanna and his die-hard somewhat lookalike obsessed fan Gaurav Chandana.

The film starts brilliantly introducing us to Gaurav Chandana’s character, a resident of Inder Nagar in Delhi and cyber cafe owner by profession who is charmed by his favourite star Aryan Khanna’s charisma since childhood. He has his whole room decorated with posters of Aryan Khanna. He knows all the star’s dialogues from his movies. He fights against anyone who says even a word against his favourite star and even calls himself “Junior Aryan Khanna”.

He often takes part in the local ‘Sitara’ or talent hunt competitions in his locality where he mimes Aryan Khanna. On one such occasion, he wins this competition and decides to go to Mumbai  with this prize money to meet his favourite star, which he perceives will be an easy task as he considers himself to be his biggest fan but after reaching his destination understands there are millions of fans like him. The road to meet his favourite star is indeed tough. However they do meet eventually but the meeting does not have a happy outcome. A fan’s obsession slowly turns into hatred and Gaurav indulges himself  in all sorts of psychotic and crazy things just to attract Aryan Khanna’s attention.

FAN witnesses the comeback of SRK the actor in an otherwise average plotFirstly coming to high points about this movie, it is definitely the performance of Shah Rukh Khan as the psychotic, emotional, obsessed and crazy fan. We finally get to see the actor Shah Rukh Khan in action again after a long time. Also kudos to the makeup department of this movie who styled SRK’s look as Gaurav Chandana. The superstar is absolutely flawless in the scenes. There is a certain innocence in his portrayal of this obsessed fan of a superstar.We even get to see a dark side of this character which reminds us of his performances in movies like Anjaam and Darr.

The first half is brilliant and breezy,setting the whole premise beautifully. Thedirector Maneesh Sharma starts the movie by taking anecdotes from the superstar’s career and life. The cinematography captures Dubrovnik in Croatia and the lanes of Delhi with elan and deserves praise. This would be the first SRK movie without any songs in the whole screen-time and also emoting oneself onscreen is indeed tough and Shah Rukh Khan just nails it with his performance. The supporting cast comprising Sayani Gupta, Waluscha D’Souza, Yogendra Tikkoo and others are good but don’t have much to contribute to the screenplay.

Now, it the second half the movie loses it charm and becomes very predictable.If someone has seen the trailer properly, he/ she can easily predict what the outcome of the story will be. There are no major twists that one might be expecting. After a point, the scenes and incidents become bit repetitive.A novel idea like this needed better execution and more teeth. That is a bit disappointing. However the climax is well executed and very impacting.

A brilliant idea like this could have been turned into something really big.It is refreshing to see a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan take such a difficult and brave role. He successfully portrays this role. After playing roles in forgettable mass entertainers like Dilwale and Happy New Year, he finally arrives with a role worth appreciating and has put in his whole soul and heart into playing it. With his upcoming releases Raees and an untitled Gauri Shinde starrer making the right noises already, it seems the whole process of the comeback of SRK as the actor has surely begun. Something to rejoice definitely.

Go and watch this movie only for Shah Rukh Khan’s performance solely, he does not disappoint a bit. Otherwise it is an average movie on the whole.

Rating : 3/5

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