Feel Pankh Original Stories Series : LIFE WILL GO ON

Aanya wss a 16 year old girl.She had passed her tenth and was about to start her eleventh.Her life was perfect with no flaws.She had everything.Her parents who fulfilled all her demands,her loving friends and her love.Her life was same as a normal teenage girl should have.

She used to hangout with friends and do party.Her boyfriend even pampered her alot and fulfilled all her wishes.

One day Aanya and her friends tried smoking.Day by day Aanya got addicted to it,her friends didn’t,

The intensity of smoking increased.Aanya’s boyfriend even tried to stop her but she didn’t.Her parents were unware of all this.She became a chain smoker.

After two months Aanya’s health started deteriorating and she started vomiting blood.When Aanya’s parents took her to hospital then the doctor gave them a bid shock by confirming thar Aanya was suffering from lungs cancer.This was due to over smoking.Her parents couldn’t believe that.Later they came to know from her friends that she was indulged in smoking.

They were completely heartbroken.Doctor said that the chance for survival was only 40 percent.

Aanya was herself in a great depression.She tried to contact her friends intially they showed some fake sympathy then but they ignored her and tried to maintain distance with her.She called her boyfriend Rihan and talked to him and said him that she needed him.Rihan somehow ignored her and said that he was quite busy in his touranament so he was not available.Tina,Aanya’s best friend came the other day and said that Rihan was dating some other girl.

Aanya was heart broken.Her life changed completely within one night.She lost everything.Her friends,her boyfriend,her popularity..everything.Only Tina and Aanya’s parents stayed with her.

One day Aanya decided to commit suicide by hanging herself by by that time her mother came and slapped her.

She shouted at her”How can you even think of doing this?You are our life.you will always remain our daughter and we will take you out of this.”When Tina came to know all this,she came to meet Aanya and calmly held her hand and said”Just think of the smile of your parents.It will be lost permanently if you leave them.They would not be able to live then.They will die of sorrow.If people have left you then show them that you are strong enough for yourself to handle your life.show them that you can conquer the shot cancer.show them that you can live your life better.If not for you then for your parents who sacrificed every thing for you.”

That day Aanya got some kind of power within herself.She decided that she will do it.She will conquer the disease and prove herself.She followed all the instruction of doctors.She was happy and didn’t think of her disease.She led a normal life.

After some days she underwent her cheomotheraphy sessions.She just looked at her mothers eyes and said”Mom don’t worry, Your daughter is very strong”.She underwent all the sessions.She suffered a lot of pain but she faced every situation happily and bravely.

After  month the doctor was himself surprised to see the recovery.He gave Aanya’s parents this news and asked that the way Aanya has fought her cancer is remarkable.She is out of danger zone .Now she just need to keep her spirit high and she will perfectly fine.After six months Aanya was completely fine.She achieved everything she wanted.She topped her class twelfth exams and cleared all the exams she gave.

One Rihan came to Aanya and said “I am sorry Aanya.I left you when you needed me the most.But now I have realised my mistake and I want you back”

Aanya hugged Rihan tightly and said”I love you too Rihan and thankyou  thankyou so so much for leaving me!”

Rihan was shocked”What???leaving you?”

Aanya said” Yes,leaving me.If you would have not left me I would have never found the real me.I would have never been so available for myself when you were not available.I hot my determination and fought every hurdle of my life and learned that if I have the determination I can fight every problem.I am sorry we cannot be together again but I will be always thankful to you for this…..”