GIRLIYAPA’s new video: Breaking stereotypes or reinforcing them?

There is a saying:  “ Women are women’s worst enemies”.

This is perfectly displayed in Girlyipa’s new video titled “Why should hot girls have all the fun?” This video has been made with the intention of breaking stereotypes but the very title of the video shouts out the need for validation from our very patriarchal society.

Yes, the video tries to establish equality. But equality amongst whom? All the women? Or the women and the rest of society? Watch the video to find out.

The video starts with three girls in a restaurant, one of them pretty, one tomboyish and the other chubby. The girls are enjoying a lunch when the pretty one states that a guy is looking at her and how creepy the guy is and how he should stick to his standards. Her two friends decide to go and teach him a lesson. So far so good. Then what happens?

What follows is not hilarious. Rather, it reiterates what it is trying to disprove. The girls’ dialogue is asking for objectification and validation from the “heterosexual, straight” men. Moreover they go on to demean their friend saying that what the guy sees is not real. All she has is make-up. It is all a façade and how they are the real deal. By saying that their friend is “LG Flat screen” I think they are doing nothing other than objectifying the girl, the very thing that they are supposedly speaking against.

A woman is more than her face, more than her body.  This is what the video wanted to say. But it fails miserably. In every statement it does nothing other than objectify a woman. The video is basically asking men to ogle at us. Yes, it talks about how men ogle only at hot woman and not at woman who look average or don’t have the perfect body type, how they are also pretty. But whether you are pretty or not is not proved by men ogling at you. Why do women need to be ogled at all? Being ogled at by men does not validate a woman’s life. It is not a sense of achievement. In every part of the video the girls seem to only scream “Look at us!! Look at us!! Only then will our life be complete”. It is absurd and unacceptable. And, they got the definition of feminists all wrong. Feminists are not women who feel bad if a man looks or stares at them. A feminist is a woman who fights for equal rights for women, for indiscrimination faced by society.

While, the intent was good, they could have done it in a much better way. It had a promising start but ended on a very disappointing note. It is derogatory to all the women in every sense and not very tasteful.


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