GIRLS! Note down these Apps, they might save your lives

            It is time to take our safety in our own hands. With smart phones comes a volley of apps. And with these apps come a handful of apps for the personal safety of women and anyone else who wants to take advantage of these apps. After all, mishaps are not limited to women only.

It is not always possible for a friend or a family member to accompany us. But with these apps, we can make sure that the people concerned about us are aware of each of our steps. It is now possible to track a person online with the help of these apps. Though there is no one with you physically there is a virtual presence which is assuring. It gives us strength, and God forbid if anything untoward happens a message can be sent almost immediately ensuring that the response time is less, and help is on the way almost instantly.

Some of the best apps to have in your phone are –

  • VithU
    One of the best apps out there, VithU is as practical as it can get. When in an emergency it is may not be feasible for us to call someone. All you have to do if you have this app on your phone is press the power button twice and viola SOS alert messages are sent to people on your contact lists every 2 minutes. And the best part, it updates the physical location as well. So each time a message is sent out it has your current location as well which makes it easier to track you down. It is discreet in the way of its triggering and does not draw attention to itself but you do have to make sure that the phone is with you in person.

You can get the android version here and the iTunes version here.

  • SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield

    When in emergency take a picture and hit the emergency button. It sends out a message to a pre-saved list of contacts. And even if you lose your phone before you can send a message the app itself sends the information after a few seconds. It also has a ‘Walk With Me’ feature which allows the people on you contact list to get live updates of you location every second, literally every step that you take. It also provides a list of the nearby

You can get the app here.

  • Circle of 6

    This is a unique app which allows you to connect with 6 of your closest contacts at the same time. It has different notifications which the user can tap to send out an appropriate message. It also lets you connect with the proper authorities in case of an emergency or even relationship advice. And, let’s face it girls we do require some relationship advice some time or the other. So I would say a bonus point in this app’s favor. 😉

You can get the android version here and the iTunes version here.

  • Watch Over Me
    Watch Over Me
    This app allows your saved contacts to track your steps remotely, much like the SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection app. But, what is unique about this app is that, it lets you decide till when you want it to track where you are going, and if you do not check in from your intended destination it sends out an automatic message to the people on your contact list. It also alerts you in case you have entered a high crime rate area. And in case you are in trouble, you just have to shake your phone and it turns on the emergency service. The app sends out an emergency message and also automatically turns on the camera which then starts recording what is happening. I think this one of the coolest apps available for woman safety. The only con, it is available only in 7 cities for now.

You can get the android version here and the iTunes version here.

  • SpotNsave Feel Secure

    This is a safety app with a slightly different concept. It does not require a smartphone. This app is based on a band, a special smart band, which can be worn on your wrist like a bracelet. When in trouble, all you have to do is click the button on the band twice and it starts sending a distress signal to your guardian network. This signal is updated every 2 minutes. It can track up to 5 people at the same time and can be used by families who want to keep a track on each other. The best part is that it does not require a phone. The perpetrators will probably not even realize that you have sent out a distress signal.

You can get the android version here and the iTunes version here.

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