Hilarious ‘Bloopers’ from Pakistani News Channels!

In our daily lives, we often speak before we think when we are too excited or angry, or have some embarrassing slip of tongue, which can lead to humiliating situations for us. But luckily with time it just becomes a memory, albeit a painful one. But what if this ‘Bloopers’ were not only witnessed live by many, but also recorded and posted on social media? To be preserved for posterity and available for one and all to witness the humiliation and laugh at!

The Press and Media are expected to be always be polite and classy. But being human, they too are subject to such embarrassments. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, these slip-ups don’t just remain a memory but is there for all of us to watch and have a good laugh. This video featuring funny, uncensored ‘Bloopers’ from different  Pakistani TV channels will have you in splits.

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