Homosexuality is not a crime says RSS

Homosexuality is not a crime says RSS supporting gay sex.

In a direct U-turn of its beliefs, RSS has come out in support of homosexuality and gay sex. It is a great sign as it is said that RSS ideology motivates our ruling party, BJP to a great extent. If this has a positive effect then it could lead to decriminalization of gay sex, which is describes as “unnatural sex” in Section 377.

Dattatreya Hosabale, while speaking at the India Today conclave on Thursday said, “Why should RSS have an opinion on homosexuality? It is not a crime as long as it does not affect the lives of others. Sexual preferences are personal issues.”

While this is an extremely promising statement coming from one of the members of BJP’s ideological mentor what remains to be seen is how far it will motivate the government. Will this be enough motivation for it to rescind the colonial era law? After all what held true a century ago no longer represents today’s society. Society has become progressive and we should do away with laws which were made by the British and pull us one several steps backwards. When we are independent of the British rule, shouldn’t we be independent of their laws too?

Not only Dattatreya Hosabale, Arun Jaitley had also spoken in favor of decriminalizing gay sex. He had said in his statement, “When you have millions of people involved in this (gay sex), you can’t nudge them off,” adding that the Supreme Court had taken a rather “conservative view” on the matter. Even prior to Jaitley’s comments, a high profile RSS member and currently a BJP general secretary, Ram Madhav, had stated that irrespective of one’s personal opinion on homosexuality it is highly debatable that engaging in it is a crime.

But theirs is a minority view in the entire political scenario. After all it was the BJP with its majority in the Lok Sabha which defeated Shashi Tharoor’s bid to introduce a private bill calling for decriminalization of homosexuality twice in the last three months, while it was in its introductory state. The bill was not even allowed to be discussed. While this is highly disturbing one can hope that with the recent statement from Hosabale, BJP might be influenced in its stand against homosexuality. Because if Section 377 is not changed it would mean a crumbling of the democratic system. Sexual practices are a person’s personal choices. And, there should not be bindings of any sort on it. People should not be made to feel like criminals because they do not follow the norm that society sets. You cannot be branded a criminal for following your heart, for knowing what you want and that is something that the Supreme Court as well as our government needs to take into account.

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