If A Woman Talks About Sex Then Is She A “RANDI” ??

People, talk a lot. And in this ‘lot’ sex is a term that is still the ‘forbidden fruit’ which nevertheless people munch, behind the doors. So I thought, why not take out a few hours from my ‘so valuable time’ and talk about ‘sex’. Yes you can check my name in at the end of the article, I am a woman, and today am going to talk about SEX. And yep, you read right, most of the people in ‘OUR SO SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, EQUAL TO ALL’ country, can’t tell between woman and a slut.

So, What is Randi, rather who is Randi or Slut?

A simple google search reveals so:


Slut is even associated with WHORE, And A PROSTITUTE. So again throwing light on the subject, What is rather, who is prostitute? A simple google search says so:”A woman who provides sexual activity, in exchange of money.”

Now, coming to the ‘doubt of the hour’, IF A WOMAN TALKS ABOUT SEX, THEN IS SHE A SLUT? The simplest of answer that, every human being understands, NO. NO, a woman is not a slut, if she talks about sex. Now you find yourself mouthing the words HOW? OR WHY?

Here is the answer.

According to the one of the most learned mahapandit of the era, CHANAKYA,“Women have hunger two fold, shyness four fold, daring six fold, and lust eight fold, as compared to MEN.”

Ask yourself, what picture do you form in your mind, the second SEX, crosses it. Obviously we have one answer- intercourse. But let me tell you, sex is much much more than a pair of holes, to be filled. Sex is an emotion. Sex is an intimacy that one shares with a very close person. Sex is act of love. And believe me no Google or any search engine, will tell you this: SEX is satisfaction.

Sexual energy is the highest form of energy. Yes you read right, you read correct. it harnesses the power of mind body and soul, to harness that ultimate energy. So if you thought, that sex includes only a pair of organs, then my dear friends you are very wrong. if you have always thought women to be a pair of holes, to stuff with, then let me take this definition to an entire different level. it includes two simple words, TEXT BOOKS. Yep all grandpas and grandmas out there, sex is now taught in books(do not take me wrong, not the sexual orientation). So the Indian government has taken steps, so that each and every child knows, what is this so freaking three-letter-word that has created havoc, since the time of Adam and Eve.

Since the medieval time, women has been abused on the terms of the platform–sex. Lets take an example. We all say sex is a complicated relationship(no offence to people who have no brain). Sex requires trust, so can we say, that you have had sex with numerous women or men, just because BY MISTAKE, OR KNOWINGLY YOU UTTERED THE WORD SEX? Accept it people all around the globe and especially INDIANS, we utter the word sex, more often than we say god, or mom or dad(save me, I am a god fearing person). Now there are certain different words, which also means the same(please pester Google with your questions not me), so does that makes u a SLUT?

No, if that makes us a slut, then am extremely sorry to say dear friends,

Our mothers

Our female teachers

Our sisters

Our women

And you woman reading this article is a SLUT.

Instead of cursing me(which you will eventually), apply brains to what I just said, does uttering the word SEX, makes u slut? if u said  yes, than the above mentioned series of words is your answer. if you think like me(people with brains will agree), then you will know, that talking about sex is important. A mother teaches her daughter, about it, so that some man doesn’t takes undue advantage of her pure kid, so is she a slut? Your very favorite biology teacher has been teaching the thing for more than 10 years, is she a slut? Your women has been talking it with you(men), then is she a slut? And of all things you woman reading this article, swear more than 5000 times a day, talks so casually of sex, has a crush on the cute guy, is true to your boyfriend, and will probably love him to the end of the world, are you a slut?


No one can call you a slut, cause no one checks how many people you meet, how many people you sleep with, or with how many people you have had a casual discussion on sex. Now if the next times, anyone calls you a slut, walk up to him, politely and make sure that you take a full strata report of your meetings and happenings from him, in detail, and don’t forget about the report on how many people YOU CALL(trust me he will die, as soon as he hears this). None can call you either whore or prostitute, cause you didn’t take anything in return, you only gave, your love, your trust, your mind, body and soul. So yep maybe the other person who took all those things(and still DARES to call you a slut), should be named otherwise.(after all there are certain kinds of prostitution too, you know, add love, care, trust to your own category woman)

Accept it, you are reading this article, cause you only saw SEX and SLUT, in the bold letters, and forgot to even acknowledge WOMAN, out there in front of them. Women are a very delicate species. We throw ourselves on people who love us, but that doesn’t gives anyone a right to name us SLUTS.

So women, I have come up with a good alternative, next time, any person calls you a slut if she is a woman(to utter disgrace, women DO call other women slut), laugh on her and move on, cause its in our nail cuticles to be jealous.

And anyway men, if you judge women so authentically, what should we call you, the next time you talk about sex?? MANWHORE?


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  • Anukalp Desai May 15, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Very nicely defined the word SLUT. But don’t you think that jo explaination aapne diya hai slut ka jo mothers aur sisters k liye bola hai wo justified nhi hai. Do you think ki aapki ya meri ya kisi ki v mother ne humare fathers k alawa aur v kisi k saath intercourse kiya hoga(sorry if it’s offensive)? mujhe nahi lagta. you said that only talking about sex doesn’t makes a girl/woman slut, yeah that’s true. fir ye mothers and sisters kahan se aagye beech me? wo to kv baat nhi karte aise. aur teachers? talking about SEX and SEX EDUCATION me bahot difference hota hai, jo shayad aap nahi samajh paaye. Anyways, you’re a writer, aapko jaada pata hoga in sab k baare me, research v kiya hoga, baatein bhi karte hi honge(I am not saying that you’re a slut).

    • RIMA RAI May 15, 2016 at 10:48 pm

      Happy to know, that people are finally applying their brains.

      Knew so that people with ‘BRAINS’ will comment.
      Just one and one big answer for all of them.

      Did you read the line, which was boldly highlighted for ‘people with brains’ BY MISTAKE OR KNOWINGLY UTTERED THE WORD SEX. Am so very sorry, but yes, I as a woman, will take it offensive, cause, I wrote this, article, I knew the risks I was taking, and not only will i gladly accept each and every comment, but THIS is the last answer, THAT, i will throw to each of the faces, who read it half, understands it quarter, and comment on it with zero conscience. Yes, you read right readers. I didnt say that your mom or my mom, or any others mom had engaged herself in polygamy. What i meant(so sorry, either the reader was not well versed in english, or reading it again is advised) was if anyone, utters it, then that doesnt makes us SLUTS. Yes all our mothers have uttered it, on more than any definition. But very few know why? And I assume, people writing foul comments forgot to face this part of the facade. Just say the word condom in public(try it), and count the number of heads turning. I wont buy it if u said only 1 or 2 heads turned(then probably, you were not audible). I have seen people eyeing women, at just the word only. MARK MY WORDS, the WORD SEX only. SO how vague of you, or rather so ardent of you, to read a few words, and be like “yeah lets comment”. Mother is a purest form of creation. Do you think, me, or you, or anyone, will just comment and ruin her sanctity. NO. I hope you got your answer by now,. I didnt even point it out to our biology teachers(no offence manoj sir, if you are reading this, but I m very proud, of wat you taught us). And dear sir, i know very nicely the difference between SEX and SEX EDUCATION. But what you failed to read out there let me, tell you this as clearly and vaguely as possible that, you failed to acknowledge woman(no offense majority of the people will do so). You just read, MOTHER, TEACHER, SISTER, AND “YOUR” WOMEN. Why didnt you read the sentence

      “does uttering the word, sex makes you a slut”. No offense sir, none taken but I was not indicating you, AT ALL. People will curse me, praise me, even “people with brains” will abuse me, but do whatever, please comment, if you understood each and every single line, I wrote. As writing on a public platform, I know, what comments I should value, and what comments to ignore, but I felt justified writing this for all. Of course I researched alot, ofcourse i RESEARCHED, AND SURVEYED ALOT. Dont you think, that what you wrote was without any context, rather say, without any brains just emotions flowing. In writing we dont do that, we value our words as well as emotions conveniently. If making this article controversial is your aim, THEN be my friend. Why do you think I will be inclined if YOU will call me a slut or not. Of course you must know atleast something about it, you must have GOOGLED something about it. You would have THOUGHT something about it, (BUT that’s allright, am not calling U a MANWHORE either)