The Indian doctor who can cure homosexuality

Have you been struggling with homosexuality? Or maybe someone close to you has been. And you find it confusing, outrageous and are very deeply worried about your/their future. Your first reaction is to reach out to professionals, medicals, doctors who can help you figure out what is going on and perhaps help you ‘cure’ this ‘disease?

What do you do? You look up the internet and find that there IS a place in India where they claim they can ‘cure’ homosexuality! And the doctor comes with great qualifications and is super confident of himself. So obviously, you let yourself be convinced to try their new therapy. But do you ever stop to question, whether he really is qualified?

Dr. Titus P. Varghese, who claims to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuality in his website . Runs one such scam from his clinic in Kerala.
According to him “homosexuals are people who are denied of the sufficient love and pamper of the father”. He also believes that “only a boy in whose sub conscience the figure of the father is weaker can indulge in sexual relationship with a person in the same sex of the father”. And that “Mother’s love fills in him sincerity and goodness. But he would be submissive and incapable to make strong reactions. Such children are abused by homosexuals. They would not be able to defend or avoid such situations.”

It is so easy to put the entire blame and onus on the way a child has been brought up. Guilt trip the parents for feeling responsible about their childs sexuality, and they will just get more desperate to get their child ‘cured’. Blame the Mother for overprotecting and spoiling her kid, and essentially see her cut off slowly from her child and ignore their plight in the hopes of making them ‘stronger’. Blame the father for being ‘weak’ and not setting a good example, and see him put his foot down and set and example of how to become a ‘man’.

This man knows exactly how to twist and use the fears of the parents of every homosexual child and use it to fill his pockets while subjecting the child to a long and expensive ‘therapy’ that involves convincing the child to also blame their parents for turning out a homosexual.

Varghese ki maa ki aankh

Dr. Varghese, in his website, states that he is a member of the American Psychological Association. Ironically, APA itself does not consider homosexuality as a disease. In fact this is what their official website has to say about homosexuality:

And his claims to be registered with the American Board of Sexology seems highly unsubstantiated. The official website of the American Board of Sexology lists all of its doctors that are registered to practice, and surprisingly, Dr Titus P. Varghese’s name fails to show up in it.

American Board of Sexology

The rest of his degrees are all from American Universities. Which means he needs to register with the Medical Council of India to legally practise as a Doctor in this country. But, again, his name fails to turn up in the list of registered doctors:

Medical Council of India

Dr. Varghese is not the first man, and probably won’t be the last, who has exploited the fears and hopes of people suffereing from depression, anxiety and confusion of their or their loved ones sexuality to line his own pockets with money. Instead of treating the mental anguish and helping the family come to terms with their child, he exploits them.

Even the largest organization that once was dedicated to ‘saving’ people from homosexuality had to close down its shutters and had to apologize to every one whose lives they ruined. The President of Exodus International said this as he closed down the shutters of his organization:
“I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have experienced. I am sorry that some of you spent years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attractions didn’t change. I am sorry we promoted sexual orientation change efforts and reparative theories about sexual orientation that stigmatized parents”

There is NO cure for homosexuality. Do not fall for quacks like these and let them exploit your insecurities and paranoia. And please do not let it be too late before you have to be sorry.

Being a homosexual does not mean that your life has lost all potential. The current President of the World Psychiatric Association, which represents and supports 200,000 psychiatrists worldwide, is an Indian born doctor, Dr. Dinesh Bhugra, who also happens to be gay.

If you or your parents are thinking about trying out such a ‘cure’, then please first read this or make your parents read it:
The Pink Booklet

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