Is the American dream shattered?

A friend of mine studying in Canada posted that while he was filing for Visa the Canadian Embassy page broke down, and you can imagine that now people are looking at Canada as a viable option.
Americans have disappointed the world. Because, they just showed how racist, how discriminatory they can be. Or maybe it’s the fear for attacks. (Just to keep an open mind.) And, in such a situation the millions of dreams that Indians and other third world country residents, who belong to the minority in a country like America, have shattered to quite an extent. Canada with its pro-immigrant image has suddenly turned out to be an option which no longer comes second.

But for the various Indian students settled in US, let’s look at the silver lining. Rupee could become stronger. So that makes your education cheaper. Jobs? Not so sure… The Americans cry about the fact that they are unable to find jobs, but the drop-out rate of American Universities is the highest. Just today I spoke with an Indian student studying in America and he told me that 90% of the students in MS courses for technical sciences are of international origin. Is it really a surprise then that internationals are employed by companies looking for skilled people? In a world which is slowly and surely heading towards automation it is very important to be skilled technically, else it will be difficult in the job market and this is probably why international workers are getting their jobs. The way I see it, they are giving us their jobs and not the other way round.

However, considering how unpredictable the President Elect Donald Trump is, it is difficult to say anything about the job market at the moment. But will America be great again? I don’t know. Will things be really bad for minorities? I don’t know. But what I do know is that during an interview back int he 90’s Mr. Trump had said that if he would ever run for president he would do so as a Republican as they are “dumb voters” ans would eat up his lies leading him to win by large numbers. Well, it remains to be seen whether he has indeed done the same to win this election.
Coming to viable options for students who are yet to decide and are looking towards international options. I would say look at Canada or Germany. In both countries it is much easier to get a PR. And, the colleges out there are at par with other international institutions. Also, it’s cheaper. In fact if you go to Germany for MS courses more often than not they fund your education.
So, I don’t know whether the American dream is shattered. But what I do know is that it’s best to be cautious and for all students vying to go abroad: ‘Don’t put all your eggs into one basket’.

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