It’s time to reconsider the basis for Reservation

The Jats are agitating for quota in Haryana. The Patels are agitating for quota in Gujarat. Today should the general people, the so called high caste people be agitating for reservation too? I will give an example. In IISC Bangalore there are 15 seats for management studies. Out of that 50% is reserved for various quotas. How many seats does that leave the general people with? 8. And the number of people competing for those 8 seats? 300.

The system of education in our country is such that any Ram or Shyam from lower caste can get into a good government institution ahead of a general caste person. Now, I am not against reservation, because some people really need it. But some don’t. There are many SC/STs who are better off than the highest caste people in our community. A poor Brahmin kid will not get any kind of benefits despite being poor. But an SC/ST kid with rich parents, who has got the same opportunities as the other kids with same financial facilities, will still  have an advantage. He will get into a good college, even if he is not talented enough. General students slog and slog to achieve cut off marks, but a student belonging to a “lowly caste” doesn’t need to. Many kids take advantage of this very fact.

Caste based reservations were started in our country as it was felt that the lower caste people had been oppressed. Such people had been forced to carry on the family trade irrespective of their talents. It was believed that such people needed a boost in order to change their fate. In order to break the mold. In order to advance. But many people from such walks of life have taken advantage of this fact and moved ahead in life. Is it fair that their descendants continue to take advantage of these reservation quotas when there are more deserving and needier people? From only SC/STs getting reservation, reservation was then given to OBCs or Other Backward Classes who were then divided into creamy and non-creamy on basis of income. Why not apply the same logic to all castes and give reservation accordingly?

The reservation system in our country needs to be looked into afresh in the light of changing times. Reservation should be given on the basis of financial status, not on the basis of caste. Each and every poor kid deserves our support. He deserves to study at subsidized rates. But a kid who has availed all the same opportunities in life should not get reservation only on the basis of his caste.

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