Valentine celebration in Delhi : Kejriwal completes one year of nonsense

***Disclaimer: This post is just for sake of humor and does not intend to hurt any individual’s or communal feelings. All the points in this post are common observations and does not mean to offend anyone.***

It’s 14th February, and love is in the air. Not so fast. Not for everyone. For some it is also a political agenda. For our loved Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, it’s the first anniversary of the lovebirds AAP and Delhi. In his words, “Last year this day Delhi fell in love with AAP”. No wonder why relationships don’t last. With this, Kejriwal also completed one year of blaming Modi government for everything.

According to Kejriwal, If CBI comes home, Modi did something. If somebody throws ink, Modi did something. If odd even fails, Modi did something. If his protests fails, Modi did something. If he had loose motions, Modi did something. If wife looks happy in the morning, Modi….. Let’s not get carried away.

Well our common man just not seems to get it. Kejriwal is turning out to be the boy who always complains about everyone in the class, and in turn is even more bullied by his classmates. He is continuously uttering rubbish. This is what happened when he took on BJP with the JNU row.



Still to everyone’s surprise, our common man is not standing alone in this. He got the support of our beloved Pappu as well. At last, our common man got a partner to sip drinks with, even if it is Pappu. At last, he found something that Modi didn’t do.

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