Kyunki Har Beta Naalayak Nahi hota ; Beautiful ad by Google

On the occasion of father’s day, Google released an emotional video depicting the father-son relationship. Google has always commemorated special days such as Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan etc with heart touching videos made to market their features.

We have always heard of fathers going all out for their children and doing all sort of sacrifices but this is story of  a son who makes his father’s dream come true. The story starts with a guy convincing his to-be-retired father to shift to Mumbai with him. But his father has his own past with Mumbai due to which he doesn’t want to come to the city of dreams.

Google Ad - Tale of father-son relationship

Google Ad – Tale of father-son relationship

Years ago, the father had run away to Mumbai to pursue his dream of becoming a hero. He eventually landed a role in bollywood’s biggest movie Sholay but his own dad called him back to his home city. He came back with low head and heart and joined a cinema hall to keep his love for cinema intact but vowed to never return to Mumbai ever again.





The son then planned a surprise visit for his dad to Ramnagara (Sholay shooting location) and then to many similar places in India and shoot his dad doing stunts and delivering dialogues.In his quest, he was helped by Google particularly OK Google voice search function. On return to his home city, he screened the movie with his father’s scenes in the same cinema theater in which he worked all his life which got rounds of applause from audiences and drenched the heart of his father into emotions.

The teary-eyed father then agreed to move to Mumbai with his son for good and this gives a happy ending to a story of love, relation and ambitions. The video is certain to make you feel proud of the son and to cajole yourself to catapult your father’s dreams into a reality and give him the smiles he well deserves.

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