A letter to all fellow Leftist Liberals

This must have been an unbelievably hard hit for most of us, what transpired in the US elections. No doubt, many are still shocked that a ‘foul mouthed, bigoted, misogynistic caricature of a human’ like Trump could win majority in a country like U.S. I have seen plenty of status updates on facebook asking anyone who voted for Trump to unfriend themselves. People are staging protests, some even burning the American flag. Everyone is outraged, but no one seems to be willing to learn the lesson as to why such a thing happened.

If you were of the firm belief that there was no way Trump could win majority, you were definitely living in a bubble. A bubble of complacency and ignorance created by leftist media and personalities. All those pundits, pollsters, analysts who had predicted the utter collapse of Trump, treated him like a joke, ignored the obvious signs and mocked his public supporters from the high horse of their righteous pride.

Ironically, this very attitude of the left was the USP that drew overwhelming sympathy and support for Trump. You can call all those who voted for him misogynists, homophobes, and racists. You can unfriend them on facebook, you can make personal attacks on them out of frustration. But all that will change nothing. They got what they wanted, and that was to watch the Left burn and extinguish itself in a spluttering whimper.

The biggest mistake on part of the liberalists was to refuse to acknowledge Trumps supporters as actual rational humans. We refused to analyse or understand the reasons why so many were willing to back him. Instead, we painted them all with the same brush, called them names, and humiliated them for their choice. We never considered that they might have valid reasons and fears that need to be addressed. Why Trump gained such popularity?

Our willingness to demonise anyone who even slightly deviates from the popular liberal opinion has created a toxic environment that many now find suffocating. No one is allowed to make mistakes; no one is allowed to learn from their actions. If you ever say anything that isn’t politically correct, you will be hounded, chided, boycotted and mocked but rarely will anyone take the trouble to educate you civilly and politely. We protest against censorship in the media, but we don’t allow opinions we don’t like to be voiced. Any time an unpopular opinion is voiced, we don’t analyze the reasons, we simply disregard and berate it.


The regressive left killed all chances to engage in debates and discussions; they burnt all bridges themselves by refusing conversation. The ‘it’s my way or the highway’ attitude is what created the vacuum that Trump filled.

Trump stood for everything the Left despised, which is why he won.

It is our fault, our failure, our hypocrisy that got him there. And now it’s our chance to learn from it.

When Trump said he wouldn’t concede if Hillary won we chided him for disrespecting the democratic process of election. If we cannot accept Trump as the POTUS after the elections how are we being any different than him? We have to be graceful in defeat and continue with our work as watchdogs of the society. This time, maybe with a bit more empathy and understanding for those who do not share our views and take the time to understand, discuss and educate rather than outrage, chide and berate. Some people we can never change or talk sense to but that should not stop us from trying at all.

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