LOVE SHOTS: “The Big Date” the last installment of the web series and the best!

Love Shots produced by Y-Films is the popular short film series which has become popular off late and portrays different stories on the idea of love. While the previous movies were good, it is the last movie titled “The Big Date” that is highly impressive and makes and impactful watch. This short movie stars Rhea Chakraborty, Saba Azad and Mohit Marwah in main roles. Its Valentine’s Day and there are two sisters sitting the room. While one is getting ready for her big date night, the other is sitting quiet. The talkative sister is seen asking for opinions about her look and dress from her sister for her date night.It is evident that both these sister have feelings for the same guy. And then suddenly the door bell rings and a twist in the tale awaits. However this twist will melt your heart and make you smile wide. An unconventional and sweet watch.Watch this sweet short movie here.

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