Mumbai Attack 26/11: Continuing our bloody tolerance

26/11 – A black day in the history of India. The day which claimed lives of 166 innocent people and left hundreds injured physically and emotionally. The day when Mumbai and India witnessed the most diabolic terror attack ever which drew widespread global condemnation.

Daunting atmosphere of Mumbai that night

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

Its been 7 years now nut Mumbai cannot forget the frightening atmosphere of that night. The scars marked on the heart of Mumbai will remain unerasable for ever. The attacks were planned and directed by Lashkar-e-Toiba militants from Pakistan over mobile and satellite phones. 8 attacks occurred in south Mumbai including CST, Trident, the Taj, Leopold café, Cama Hospital and Jewish community center. Finally after turbulence of 3 days, the operation of Indian NSG and ATS called ‘Black Tornado’ ended with success on 29th November 2008. Though the militants succeeded in their profane intensions of spreading fear in India, our brave heart security personnel successfully conquered over them and arrested Ajmal Kasab, who then disclosed the role of Pakistan in the attacks. Later on, it was concluded by the Indian intelligence agencies that ISI had provided support and funding to the terrorists for accomplishment of this inhuman and dreadful attack on Mumbai.

Operation was successful..indeed

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

The operation was successful..indeed. Yes we gunned down 9 of the terrorists and arrested one of them alive. Yes, we succeeded in safeguarding Mumbai from the demons but was it really a success when we actually lost as much as 170 lives ? The then Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, additional commissioner of Mumbai police Ashok Kamte, Army major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Senior police inspector Vijay Salaskar were among the martyrs who died serving the nation in its darkest hours. And moreover it wasn’t just about 170 odd lives it was 170 families which crippled. The corpses shattered like stones and the wine darkened with the spilled blood, had completely put the city into the silence of terror and deaths. The city which is known for its liveliness and spirit of living, wailed in grief and extreme distress.

Will they return to their family safely or not ?

Four years later on Nov 21st, 2012 Ajmal Kasab was hanged and the law took its course of action. But what failed to breathe is humanity. It was not for Kashmir and definitely not for the religion as Terror has no religion and the ones who are killed they were family to someone first and then a Hindu or a Muslim, an Indian or a Pakistani. 7 years had already gone, but the grief and the fear in the eyes of the people still terrorize them and push them to question themselves – whether the train they travel in is safe or not, will the hotel they are celebrating in not blast, will they return to their family safely or not.

What happened post 26/11 ?

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

26/11: Continuing out bloody #tolerance

On 13/11 there was a dismal bath of blood in Paris which killed 130 innocent people. This terrified whole world . But do you know what happened post 13/11 ? Just feed these information to your mind if you are not aware with .French police have carried out more than 1,200 searches, arrested 165 people and seized 230 weapons in the security crackdown since the attacks in Paris. Now you simply sit and remember our heroes of 26/11 and about the families  who have lost their love ones . What happened post 26/11 ? Bloody #tolerance with Bhasanbaaji…Bayanbaaji……and Raajneeti .

The Maharashtra govt and Mumbai police will pay homage to the martyrs and the victims of the attack today in a program which will be attended by CM Devendra Fadnavis and other ministers as well.

Unseen footage of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks


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