Something’s happening to me and I can’t explain it…

Have you ever had any experience with the paranormal or supernatural? I myself am not a big believer of the occult, never have been. Yet, for the past few days I am unable to explain what has been happening to me. I am not able to find any logical or scientific explanation for it. Maybe if you know anything about it you could help me out.

I just happen to find myself waking up at odd damp and dark places. I have no memory of how I reach there, i just remember these intense hunger, and thirst, like claws gnawing my insides. I don’t remember what happens next. But I always wake up next in my bed, fully rested, and fed, like my stomach bursting open kind of fat. And there is always this soil and dirt on my clothes. And what seems like blood on my hands and face. I scream for help, my boyfriend just stands at the door looking at me with those pained eyes. He tells me I have to stop. But he doesn’t understand whats happening to me. He just keeps burying me back into the ground again. But it doesn’t stop the hunger….the hunger, it keeps me wake. I am really interested in the paranormal, I want to know whats happening to me. Can you help me?