Parivar or Pari’war’ – The Indian family drama

In the wake of all that is going on in the Samajwadi Party, TOI came up with a very interesting headline: “Akhilesh, Mulayam in sack race as PariWar takes party to brink”, and this made me think. Think about how uncanny it is and how it is pretty much the situation in many joint families. Ironic, don’t you think?

Wherever there’s a parivar with money there’s war. Everyone wants a bigger share and no one wants to relent. Perhaps this is one of the reasons nuclear families are in vogue today. Instead of ‘hum do humare do’, the mandate seems to be ‘hum do humare ek’. After all if the family is going to be torn apart over pieces of papers what’s the use of such a family?

In fact it is a known fact that money brings luxury but along with it also brings detachment. Where there is warmth there comes want. The next bit I take from Quora. A guy narrated about how his father rose from rags to riches. At the same time he narrates how that tore the family apart. Not that they are fighting over property but the connection is no longer there. When they had no money they still had each other, now they have their phones. No one shares a meal any more. A lonely existence indeed.

And, then you will hear about how money makes people kill. About how people kill their parents/relatives over property.

It makes my heart shudder thinking about the coldness in such people’s hearts. Do they have no conscience? Or is money everything to them? And if you love money so much why not earn it yourself? Why spoil relations? After all even with all the money in the world a person can be extremely lonely, and even without much money a person can lead a peaceful life.

I am sure everyone has heard about the story of the poor wood cutter. He had no money. Yet, his wife and he were happy with what they had. Every night after dinner they had a good night’s sleep. And, then one day he found a pot filled with gold coins. He was overjoyed thinking how they will be rich from now on; but he decided to bury the pot on his property for the time being before figuring out what to do with it. And, from that night on he never had a moment of peace. All he ever thought of was whether his money was safe. How that money could be multiplied. And this stole from him. On paper he became rich but inside he became poor.

The point here is to take a lesson. While money is important, it is also important to not forget family and relations in the race for money. For while relations can make up for money, the same cannot be said for the reverse.

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