Politicians in India make me sad

There’s this question asked on Quora which keeps coming up in my feed, ‘What in India makes you sad?’

Today for the first time I am answering this question. Politicians in India make me sad. To gain political incentive they can do anything. Anything. A retired serviceman, Ram Prasad Gerewal, committed suicide and since then under the garb of sympathizing with the dead man’s kin Congress and AAP has managed to polarize the issue and politicize it beyond measure.

Look at this instance: Haryana Government offers the dead man’s family Rs.10 lakh as compensation leave aside the matter that they will still get the pension. AAP ups the ante and offers Rs.1 cr. If this is not politics then what is it? Why can’t Arvind Kejriwal focus on Delhi instead of showing the world just how greedy he has become? Delhi’s air is the most toxic that it has been ever. May be he should concentrate on coming up with a better scheme than the “Odd-Even” formula and help the city which has shown it’s faith in him instead of doing political gimmicks.

And Congress. Well I don’t think I really need to say anything about a party which has Rahul Gandhi at its helm. I think it’s enough said when you know that Rahul Gandhi is there. But just to support my case I will quote an issue here. An independent MP from Rajya Sabha, Rajeev Chandrashekar, has claimed that while Congress was in power he had written repeatedly to them concerning OROP, and had always been told that OROP was not affordable. And, now suddenly Congress or for that matter Rahul Gandhi is concerned about defense personnel. All because they think they can use the issue to remain politically relevant in a country which has started realizing just how toxic their party is for the country. And if anyone wants to know more about what the independent MP has said, here’s the link.

Also, without knowing all the facts of the case it has been assumed that the man committed suicide as he did not get benefits from the OROP scheme. The Defense Ministry claims that he got less money due to a bank error and not due to their error. I would like to ask my fellow countrymen should we believe the government which till now has no corruption records or should we believe AAP which has shown time and again how best to take U-turns or should we believe Rahul Gandhi who is well… who is just an imbecile and that’s the kindest word I have for him.

I think I have said enough. And just for the record many think that OROP was Congress’ pet project. But NO, it was a scheme undertaken by Atal Bihari Vajpayyee when he was the Prime Minister. And, for some comic relief to everyone amidst all the politics I include this video. I guarantee that it will make you laugh, unless of course you sympathize with Rahul Gandhi.

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