Heart touching ad by Surf Excel Pakistan for Ramzan; Kuch Daag Achhe hain

During Ramzan, Kuch Daag Achhe Hain

On the eve of Ramzan, Surf Excel Pakistan released an ad which seems to be an honest attempt to spread happiness, peace and togetherness.

The video starts with kids celebrating the holy month Ramzan in new kurtas when they see cart of an old man sellng samosa and jalebis stuck in the potholes of road. One of the kid then went ahead and helped the old man in selling his samosas & jalebis followed by other kids as well. In the process, the clothes (new ones) got soiled but this endeavor of little kids helped the old man in sales of all his food items.

Kids in the video show how by small steps, humanity can take huge leaps. And Surf Excel can help them by taking out all the concerns of dirty clothes and yelling from the mothers. The video should be accompanied with a couple of tissue papers as the sobs are bound to be there while watching this emotional over 2 minute video.

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