In the darkness, there is always a ray of hope

Amidst all the news of political parties vying for mileage, and people thrashing and in short torturing other people, even bludgeoning others to death, here come a news which will warm your hearts. Haritej Bharatesh is a man on a unique journey. A cancer survivor himself, Haritej has taken it upon himself to spread awareness about this feared disease and also to educate people from his takeaways.

He set out on his solo ride on May 1, 2016 on his Kawaski Ninja 300 from Raipur, Chattisgarh and aims to cover 30,000 Km in five months. While this in itself is a herculean task, I have no doubt that with his determination and zeal he will definitely complete his goal. Through his campaign Ride With Hope, Haritej aims to inspire cancer patients to not give up. He wants to inspire them to fight. He has only one message and that is: Cancer can be defeated and you can emerge a winner and a stronger person from it.

In an interview to TOI Haritej shared his ordeal and hopes. He was diagnosed with third-stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma- a type of cancer in originates from the white blood cells, lymphocytes-  while still a fourth year student of integrated Law at a Noida university. At first he was skeptical of undergoing chemotherapy as he feared that it would interfere with his studies. So, he took to alternative medicine treatment. But after 6 months when there was no improvement in his health he finally underwent chemotherapy and is now completely cured. In fact, Haritej is very quick to stress on the fact that it is very important to undergo the right treatment at the right time. This is something he has learnt from his mistake.

Since the time he has been detected with cancer, this is the first time Haritej has stepped out of his home, embarking upon a journey to explore the country. In all the cities that he has visited so far he has interacted with cancer patients in the hospitals. He hopes that he can boost their confidence with his tale of conquering cancer.

Talking about his journey, Haritej says that he doesn’t ride through the night. “I befriend cops on the way and explain the purpose of my journey. During the night, I stay with relatives or friends in every city and keep my family posted on my whereabouts. I also update my travel details on my Facebook page,” said Haritej.

In every city that he visits, he joins hands with bikers clubs. In fact, he has already met several Bengaluru biking enthusiasts who believe in his cause. They will be riding to Kolar together.

I wish him all the best in his endeavor and hope that more people take heart from his story. After all, life is to be lived with joy, then why be afraid of a disease which can be defeated?

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