Reasons why Trump is still the most popular Presidential candidate

Donald Trump’s absurd demand to ban entry of all Muslim people into U.S drew out sharp reactions from all factions and every group, regardless of their political affiliations. Even his own Republican party was sent scrambling to denounce him and his words. Despite the universal outrage, Trumps declaration has only cemented his position as the leading candidate for the elections. Yes, he still remains a favourite in the run, according to polls. This is not really a surprise, as Trump gained followers and supporters mostly by catering to the xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and racist section of America that wants America to regain its ‘glory golden old days’ read: White and Christian.

Well, every nation has a section or two of such crowds that want full monopoly of their own race and religion. Even a country as diverse as India. But usually they are outnumbered by sane people who actually look beyond religion and race. Most of the American public, the Democrats and the media have been calling out Trump’s racist propaganda from Day one. With media houses like Huffington Post even declaring that it would  cover Trump’s campaign in the ‘Entertainment’ section instead of political. There stance has changed now to take into account the disastrous effects of his campaign. His latest speech drew this petition to ban him from Britain, which, as of now has received more than 400,ooo signatures!


On the heels of Trump’s proposed change for America, we will be changing how we cover him at The Huffington Post. Back in July, we announced our decision to put our coverage of Trump’s presidential campaign in our Entertainment section instead of our Politics section. We’ll now not only be covering the ways Trump’s campaign is unique in recent American politics, but also the disastrous impact it continues to have on his fellow candidates — and the national conversation.Arianna Huffington

Despite the outrage how come Trump’s ideas are so popular with an alarming majority??

Is it because there is a grain of truth in his words? Do people actually believe that all Muslim people are looking to spread their terror and enforce Sharia on the world? The truth is, there is a certain radicalised section which has been spreading it’s propaganda around the world. Which has been enticing, brainwashing and remotely using such people to spread terror. Like the San Bernardino shooting, which was carried out by a regular American couple, newly-wed and freshly radicalized.

So, when these terrorists reside among normal, common public, posing as another model, righteous citizens of America, how exactly is a country to weed them out? Well Trump’s simplistic answer: single them out by religion and ban them.

One can actually see the appeal of such a simplistic solution. I mean don’t we all apply the same logic at some point in our daily lives? We may not admit, but secretly we all are fucking racists. We all believe in stereotypes and we let those affect our judgement and decisions. But we also know that we are wrong, because at some point of time we too have been victims of similar judgmental stereotypes. Doesn’t matter you are Indian, American, brown, white, black, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, gay, straight whatever. We have all been racist as well victims of racism. But we are wise enough to never admit out loud, because we know we are wrong. But it honestly makes life so easier to just give in to our racist impulses! It takes actual effort to NOT be a racist, because we are mostly conditioned in a certain way of thinking. Many of us, when we do take the effort to not give in to stereotypes, end up constantly watching over our shoulders to reassure ourselves that we did the right thing. And anytime we do get betrayed by someone, we end up blaming not that person or their reasons, but ourselves for not giving into the impulse! We think that we made the mistake of not trusting our instincts. And it takes away our resolve to curb our racist impulses.

The same has been going on in America and Europe, with the rise of domestic terrorism by self-claimed Islamic Jihadis, the non-Islamic population is growing wary. The fear and anger has led many to question the very foundation of their secular beliefs. And people like Trump, who never really bothered to hide their racist agenda, are feeding into this fear. His bold claims and outrageous statements may seem bullshit to us, but they hold appeal and promise to the frightened and angry masses. They blindly believe that Trump wold actually be able to protect them.

Is ignoring him really the best choice?

Condemning him and shutting him up might work fine to gain brownie points in World media. But to absolutely destroy his credibility and appeal, the need is to come up with an effective way to curb terrorism and the spread of radicalism in a way that does not victimize the average Muslim citizens. The need is for greater vigilance and a clamp down on outlets that spread radical religious propaganda. This is not something that can be achieved by Government policies alone and needs active involvement of the public. A system needs to be in place where any citizen can report activities and speech that has potential to radicalize any section of the society and not just pertaining to Islamic groups. Even groups like the Westboro Baptist Church and other neo-Nazi factions need to be shut down completely. Also these reports need to be investigated seriously and without bias, there needs to be a strict demarcation between free speech and pandering hostility. Too much of political correctness and too little actions taken against hate mongers is the real reason that a guy like Trump is leading in the Presidential elections.

Once such a system is in place, guys like him can be brought down too along with the rest of the scum of the world.

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