“ALL ABOUT SEC 377”: The new Indian web series that is hitting up Youtube

There is a hit new Indian webseries on the run in youtube and it’s all about Sec 377. I mean literally it’s named “All about Sec 377”. But before you judge it by it’s name, it is anything but a teary, weepy, sentimental docu drama if that’s what you were expecting.

Produced by The Creative Gypsy, it is a light-hearted comedy about a straight guy, ‘myself’ Suresh, who travels to Mumbai in hopes of fulfilling his ambitions of becoming an actor. On his mothers advise he ends up living with his cousin Rohit , who’s a sought out fashion photographer and his hunky-chunky boyfriend, Siddharth, and their over-smart and always right domestic help Chotu.

Gulshain Nain plays the role of Suresh, a typical,straight, delhi ka launda, who’s slightly homophobic, more like homo-ignorant, and loves drinking milk. Amit Khanna, who is also the director of the series, plays the role of Rohit fabulously. He’s the bitchy, controlling, sassy, gay cousin who is hard on the outside but a real softie. Ankit Bhatia in the role of the macho, gym loving, extroverted Siddharth gives tough competition to Gulshan as the main eye candy in the series

The series itself is pure comedy gold as it follows Suresh’s journey, as he adjusts his life living with his gay cousin and his boyfriend, and how their lives entwine. There is very little drama and none of the comedy is over the top. It touches on the topic of homosexuality, homophobia and Sec 377 without going for the big guns. What better way to send a message than through comedy?

This is a series that everyone will love watching and not aimed at just gay men and women. It is guaranteed to make you laugh and at times, think.
Don’t trust me. View the trailer AND the first 3 episodes here yourself:





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