Six yummy Filipino desserts you would love to empty your pocket for

A meal is never all over if we do not include dessert. Desserts differ from place to place around the world. They are either light and fruity or rich and chocolaty. Desserts being the final course of the repast, many of us count it to be the best and mouth-watering part. During our travels, we make sure to sample renowned desserts that every single country has to offer.

Who wouldn’t???

It is, particularly if at all we are talking about Filipino Desserts.

Philippines is a south-east country in the western pacific. Its not only known for consisting more than 7000 islands, waterfront promenade and centuries old Chinatown but for serving best world class desserts as well…

There’s something really exceptional about Philippines desserts.  This place itself serves certainly the various desserts, which are included in the top desserts of the world.

If I were asked to pen down at least five of my favourite Pinoy desserts, these would be my first preferred yummy sweets.



Haluhalo , also called halo halo is the most  popular Filipino dessert and personally , my favorite. It is a blend of shaved ice and condensed milk to which are included profuse simmered sweet beans, jelly and fruits. It’s one of those desserts that you can never be too full to order—even if you say you are.

  1. YEMA…


Yema is the Spanish name for “egg yolk”. Yema is a point of reference to its golden-yellow visual aspect or to its amalgam, which traditionally includes a batter of egg yolks, powdered milk, lime and sugar. The locale of Avila, Spain relished this pastry, called Yema de Santa Teresa named after patron saint.



Ube Halaya is a Philippines dessert made from boiled and squashed purple yam. This minced purple yam is locally called ube. It is a dessert that is typically served cold. Ube halaya can be eaten directly and are also used in pastries and ice creams.



Pastillas or pastillas de leche is certainly a milk-based confectionery. It was originated in San Miguel, Philippines. Its given a sweet milky treat coated with sugar which is very much kid-friendly.



Any person who craves for desserts would love to travel all the way down to Philippines just to try Buko Salad. Buko means “coconut”. The main portion of this dessert is coconut, served along with assorted fruits and jelly.



BRAZO DE MERCEDESBrazo De Mercedes, also known as Pianono uses native flavors of Philippines such as ube and macapuno. Brazo de Mercedes is a mixture of oozy sweet topping of beaten egg white sugar and a custard core. It is nothing but a Swiss roll stuffed with a mouth-watering flavors.

So, fill your mouth with the purist, close to the smooth, velvety texture and wholesome, creamy sweetness of Philippines.

That’s the kind of love affair that will never go out of style.

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