There is no HONOR in HONOR killing.. Lets fight this terror..!!

Honor Killing –  Defying every imaginable sense of human rights

Even as I write this I can anticipate the hate comments saying that I am not appreciative enough about our country’s army, because nowadays, with the rising tensions between India and Pakistan, it seems to us every Pakistani has done wrong towards us. But taking a leaf out of our External Affairs Minister’s book which states ‘betiyan sabki sanjhi hoti hai’, I take the courage to write about something that is wrong with both these countries.

Here I pose a question to my readers… DO YOU THINK IT IS RIGHT TO KILL A PERSON BE IT MALE OR FEMALE? Does a person not have the choice to do as he or she sees right? Or is it ok to kill someone who does not see eye to eye with you?

Every person has the right to choice. I write this with a heavy heart that on both sides of the border there are those who think that the name and respect of the family is above everything and one should marry only into one’s religion and caste. Ironically these people hold this warped idea that it is always the fault of woman. It is ok to abuse her, to take away her choice & to force her into alliances for the family’s good irrespective of how it affects her. To kill her.

Just the other day I read an article of an honor killing case across the border. The brother killed his sister for marrying a Christian, a Christian who had converted to Islam to be able to marry his love. What is more disturbing though is that the girl’s family’s only problem with the killing is that now the whole community and all relatives will know about their daughter’s marriage which will earn them a bad reputation in so called ‘sabhya samaaj’. In their eyes, apparently the society’s eyes, it was perfectly right for the brother to have killed his sister as she did something that was not approved by the family. More frightening part is the law in that country which allows loopholes for such murderers to escape the might of law. Aren’t people like this as much a threat to society as those terrorists whom we fight to safeguard people’s lives? Or does carrying out honor killings not warrant as much wrath?

We as Indians should not sit back thinking it’s only happening across the border. There are many such cases across India as well. And the sad part is most of these cases go unreported hence unrecorded.

As much as a problem terrorists are so are these inhuman beings. Whether you kill one person or 100, crime is still the same. You are taking away from someone the right to live and that in itself is the worst crime that can be committed against humanity.

So even as we try to fight terrorists why not try to fight such people who hold such views and live in a world of prejudices. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and so will be the case today. It will take time but it has to start somewhere and what better time than the present?

Fight not only the terrorists across the international border but also those who stand just across the street you live !!

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