Stranger #14 – Caiglen

Continuing the fashion history from my previous two posts of Caiglen’s friends – Jenna and Soozy.

Caiglen was most perky in the group who actually pushed all her friends to feel positive about participating in my 100 stranger project.

My invitation tag line for Caiglen was different from the other two.

“So You are my Official Stranger number 14th”, I pointed at her.

She came forward , announcing herself “ Yaaay! I am number Fourteenth” , with her ever smiling face.

She literally couldn’t be without smiling, as she felt it difficult . Only some people are gifted with such smily and vitty nature.

I also felt Caiglen should be the power hub to charge any moment to laughter in the group. She was more vitty all over the time I was shooting Jenna and Soozy. So she got the revenge back from them when I was shooting Caiglen now :P. This gave me a whole lot of expressions to capture naurally. :). Thatsy you need friends!!.

Knowing  a nice fashion history, Meet Caiglen, My official Stranger #14. a student living in Sydney.

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