Stranger #15 – Elvira

As the sun was hitting hard, my friends wanted to rest for lunch along the shores of ponds and leave for the day to come back fresh to the nightfest after a brief nap. We finished the lunch and slowly I was getting deeper in thoughts of all those my eyes witnessed throughout the day in the carnival. I felt the resemblance of interests and activities of people here that was so similar to the ones in my home country , India. Being a tourist until then , exploring everything in the carnival, I decided to look for those things that was available at my place a well.

The place near the Gaint Wheel seemed to be very active and there I saw the Sugar candy. Sugar Candy is the most common interest of any kid anywhere. I decided to see if any grownups enjoy the sugar candy to qualify my search for my next stranger.

However people never disappoint me, I got two beautiful women enjoying the sweet puffy candy and trying to pose for a selfie. A perfect Match!!. I went straight to them and asked if I can take the picture for them. They stopped a moment and little confused. I added saying , not on your phone but with my camera. The surprise went even more high.

“Well, I am praveen a street photographer and I was looking for beautiful people around to add their portraits to my project I am doing recently”

They knew i am trying something but they were still clueless what I am trying do now. I understood they are not a native australian. So I decided to make them comfortable by asking their names.

“Lisa and Elvira”

“I am sure you guys are not from here. So where are you from?”


“Thats great!”

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