Stranger #16 – Lisa

After clicking nice candy poses with Elvira, I approached Lisa. Lisa was quite and humble with a blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. Elvira and Lisa seemed to have traveled to tour around Australia from Russia. Thy were complimenting each others and always taking a look at each other before they do anything.

With coolers Lisa started to pose with the sugar candy as well with the goggles on. I discovered her eyes through the goggle as to be more interesting. I requested her to give me a pose without the goggles and she was gorgeous. Like a aqua gem her eyes shined blue and sharp. Taking a moment I composed the shot to make her look straight into the camera so I could get the sharp eyes sharper.

With a couple of shots, they were happy to give me pose together of course with the Sugar candy. The Pink Sugar Candy added more feminine colors to the scene giving the glaze of the carnival mood at the evening.

I gave them a slide show of all the strangers I had clicked today in the carnival. They were more excited to see them along with the bunch of beautiful and interesting strangers.

My official Stranger #16 , Lisa from Russia.

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