Te3n Movie Review : The film is inspired from Montage (2013), a Korean thriller

This is another time that Bollywood has got inspiration from a Korean film.

TE3N got released this Friday, 10th, June where you will see incredible performances by the three utmost potential silver screen faces Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui .

The film is inspired from the Korean thriller – Montage (2013) where the mystery revolves around kidnapping Ha-Kung’s 15 year old daughter. Chung-Ho – detective who works neurotically on the case but later failed to save the girl and the case slipped away without any trace. After 15 years, the similar event is repeated again, and the detective who was looking into the old case is mystified, as the new kidnapping is same as the old one. Now the detective, along with the mother of the previous victim and the grandfather of the recent victim, set forth to find the real offender.

Actors excel in TE3N

Actors excel in TE3N

Both the movies grips around a trio who are trying to solve a kidnapping incident, having the element of a kidnapping being repeated in a similar way. And both the movies have an obsessed grandfather and a guilt-ridden cop who failed to solve the case in the first go.

TE3N – official tweaked version of Korean film, where you will see Big-B as John, an aged grandfather staggered by grief, eight years after the death of a little girl continuing to search for the person who caused it, despite being put off by people all around him . Padmavati Rao, a prominent face from theatre is essaying the role of Bachan’s wife, Vidya Balan playing a sympathetic policewoman Sarita, and cop-turned – guilt ridden priest – Father Martin Nawazuddin showed up tenacity and grim persistence for justice and truth.

Down the line towards revelation of the culprit, there isn’t much of suspense left, and would be obvious for the audience.

Ribhu Dasgupta’s TE3N is shot on the street of Kolkata, somewhat will remind you of producer Sujoy Ghosh’s Vidya Balan starrer Kahani.

Lead Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Supporting Cast: Sabyasaachi Chakraborty, Padmavati Rao

Director: Ribhu Dasgupta

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