Thursday tech talk : Are you rooted?

Back in the days when I rooted my first android device (which I obviously soft-bricked), rooting used to be a huge deal. More than losing warranty, the fear was about soft or hard-bricking your device. There were no specific or well written guides on how to root your devices.

But now the scene has changed completely. Thanks to amazing sites like XDA, rooting isn’t just a power user thing anymore. Now that the fear of bricking their device is gone, most of the users are willing to trade off warranty for amazing functionalities.

So in this week’s discussion, tell us your root stories. Do you wait for the warranty to end to root, or root straightaway? Are you the guy in the group who is responsible for all the rooted devices in the group? And what are your favorite root features?

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  • Ashutosh Dev March 10, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    The only reason to root my phone was to flash cyanogenmod & show every one that i got the latest android version before them….:P