Thursday Tech Talk: Why do you use WhatsApp?

Hello and welcome to this week’s discussion. Today, one of the most obvious app installation right after buying a new phone is WhatsApp. Everybody has it. Everybody loves it. Or do they? I am someone who thinks there are more than one better alternatives to it. And going by the number of forum discussions I have seen on this topic, I would like to think I am not the only one.

It’s pretty obvious I am upsetting a lot of users by saying WhatsApp isn’t the best according me. So the least I could do for them is give an explanation. The thing is, I like it. I really do. Minimalistic and reliable are the pillars of a third-party messaging app. And WhatsApp does a great job at delivering both of these. But that is pretty much it. The development process never really follows the requirements of users and if it does, it’s painstakingly slow. Not diving deeper into what I don’t like about it I would just say I think Telegram is better. Telegram, according to me is that perfect mixture of reliability, minimalism and features.

Summing up, the only reason why I’m still using it is because everybody else is reluctant for a switch. What about you? Which category do you fall in: WhatsApp liker, forced to stay or I-don’t-care-if-it’s-WhatsApp-Telegram-or-Hike-I-am-forever-alone-anyways (I am here).



  • Bedapta March 17, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    I think whatsapp is simple! Whatsapp gives you best for any group conversation and so as its very popular. And the new emoticons are amazing and we don’t get these features in any other app or site. Well I dont totally like this app either. I want an app which is a mixture of features of most whatsapp content and a bit snapchat and messenger too! The app should update itself and should have a feature like SNAPCHAT STORY! Think how amazing would it be 😀

    • Tushar Sunamudi March 17, 2016 at 11:34 pm

      Oh yeah, something like SnapChat Stories in WhatsApp would be really cool. But don’t you think you went a little overboard there. I mean it’s been 6-7 years and we still don’t have the option of custom backgrounds for each conversation for crying out loud.

  • subhashree March 18, 2016 at 12:20 am

    Watsapp is one of those app which has made mobile internet a necessity. I agree with your point that its not the best one but the point is all your contacts uses it so you have no other option left than to use it. And the idea of switching to a new messaging app fails. So i fall in the category of watsapp user( not a forced user because its not that bad as it fulfills all the basic requirements of a messaging app).