The trailer of talented Bengali director Kaushik Ganguly’s next movie “Cinemawala” is out and it pays a tribute to the last few remaining single screens.

Kaushik Ganguly’s next movie “Cinemawala”.

Today multiplexes rule everywhere. The number of single screen theatres are diminishing everyday. Acclaimed award winning director Kaushik Ganguly is ready with his next movie titled “Cinemawala” which pays a tribute to the last few remaining single screens.The trailer of this upcoming movie was made public today and it looks super awesome and unique.
The film will revolve around a family of a film exhibitor,his son,wife and the old projectionist of their cinema house. The concept looks very unique and the film will show how the coming up of multiplexes has affected the single screen movie hall owners and their lives.The movie stars Sohini Sarkar, Parambrata Chatterjee and Paran Bandopadhyay in important roles.

This talented filmmaker is known for making movies on unusual subjects, like his movie Shabdo released in 2012 revolved around the life of a folly artist while his Chotoder Chhobi released in 2014 revolved around the tragic lives of dwarfs. He has won multiple awards for his movies. His latest movie also looks promising. Talking about his movie he said, “It breaks my heart to see the projectors that had once screened many movies that had golden and silver jubilee runs, now gather dust. They don’t even have vintage value. They are being sold as junk. Change is necessary and the only way forward, but we need to preserve the film as heritage”
We have high hopes from this movie surely. Cinemawalla releases on 13th of May this year.

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