Every Bihari Should Watch This | Hum Bihari | Episode 01

Its not emotional.. not hard-hitting.. definitely not something revolutionary.. Its an attempt to reincarnate YOURSELF in YOU, to let you meet your own identity. After all being a BIHARI is a matter of proud even though there are things we are ashamed of but we must not run away from our responsibilities. Things can change, people shouldn’t.

Bibhu Nandan Singh, an engineer by profession but an artist by choice, tries to enlighten the same fire in you with this video in a pure Bihari accent. The accent which he is not embarrassed of while travelling to Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi. And more importantly this video isn’t just for a BIHARI but for those all who tries to change with the place he / she moves in. After all imbibing new culture is not bad but killing yours is sinister. Watch the video yourself and keep respecting the BIHAR in You.

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