Terrorism Ki Maa Ki | Killing People is Terrorism not Jihaad | Pankh Studio |

“Mazhab nahi sikhata Aapas me Bair rakhna”. But still there is a particular section of people in every religion who always kill others in the name of protecting their religion. They say that this is what their religion asks them to. They say that anyone who not abides by what their holy book asks them to will be killed and they feel pride in this.
But the fact is that they themselves have never ever read a single line in that book. Had they done so, they would have known that no religion, no God, no Holy book permits anyone to kill people.
Watch this beautiful video that will open your eyes if you think you are also a ‘so-called’ protector of your religion.

Written , Edited & Directed By :- Bibhu Nandan Singh
Creators :- Pankh Studio

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