Why this Friday was a day of U-Turns ?

It seems that this Friday was a day of U-turns. First RSS joint secretary, Dattatreya Hossabale, does a complete U-turn and says that though not a crime, gay sex and homosexuality is a mental disease. It should be dealt with not punitively but psychiatrically. On the other hand we have the politician in making, Kanhaiya Kumar declaring that Kashmir is an integral part of India after supporting the rally in which slogans were raised about earning Kashmir’s freedom. He further goes on to modify his statements saying that he condemns the parliamentary attack carried on by Afzal Guru but does not support capital punishment. What he claims is that the protest was organized to speak up against capital punishment and not for Afzal Guru.

Coming to Mr. Hossabale’s statement I fail to understand how homosexuality is a mental problem. The ray of hope which was seen yesterday has again become bleak. How is it “socially immoral”? How does allowing gay people to marry institutionalize it? Marriage in itself is an institution be it between any sexes. If a man is gay how can you expect him to marry a woman? Or how can you expect him or the woman in question to be happy? How can you cure someone? Yes it is socially acceptable to be homosexual. But this is age old. It is time to come out of that mold. What is “socially immoral” is the fact that people like Hossable exist who think that being homosexual is a mental disease and can be cured. It is not. It is not a problem. It is a way of life. And, accepting that will be one of the biggest victories of the Indian democracy.

As far as Kanhaiya Kumar is concerned I don’t have much to say. While it is true that the Army did rape many Kashmiri woman, which is now infamously known as the Kunan Poshpora   incident, but we cannot malign the entire Army because of that. This was carried out by a certain unit of the Army and not all the men. And, a wrong is a wrong. Rape, whether done by a common man or by a uniformed man is a heinous crime and should be dealt with accordingly. The AFSPA act requires to be revised and does not need to be scrapped. There should be some discretionary method and depending on the crime the men belonging to the army should be brought under the purview of the civil court or their own army court. After all, a crime against a common man should be dealt with in the court of the common man. But his U-turn on his statements about Kashmir is not appreciable.

The one thing that I take away from these statements is that do not believe the politicians. They can say anything any time. They can give statements and then take back their own statements.

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