You won’t believe the effort involved to make Shah Rukh Khan look like his FAN!

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN, They say that a lion takes rest for a while, but never forgets to hunt.

He was the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood and ruled for years. But then for a past few years, fans felt as if the real ‘King Khan’, Shah Rukh Khan was lost somewhere. His films were earning crores, but fans were missing ‘the’ Shah Rukh Khan they loved.

But then he struck back and that too with a bang. His latest venture ‘Fan’ has now proven to be one of the major hits of the year so far. SRK played a superstar and a 25-year old fan too in the action-thriller.

The movie left everyone behind talking about the splendid performance of SRK in the movie, and majorly of his brilliant transformation to Gaurav Chandana.

To see SRK playing a 25 year FAN was unbelievable! And as YRF revealed in a recent video released, it was indeed not that easy. It involved hours of brain-storming and experimentation   for the Hollywood make-up artist Greg Canon and the Red Chillies VFX experts to give him that look.

Watch the video to see yourself the effort involved:

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