ZIKAVAC- The Indian Vaccination for Zika

The Indian medical association has a proud moment to share with the world as the Hyderabad based vaccines and bio-therapeutic manufacturer, Bharat Biotech has claimed to achieve a breakthrough in fighting Zika. Probably the first in the world, the cure for Zika could be around the corner now.

Zika Virus is linked with birth defects known as microcephaly, which causes birth with abnormally small brains and neurological syndrome that can cause paralysis. The director general of WHO, Margaret Chan called the board members for a emergency meeting on 1st February, to discuss the alarming rate of outbreak of the virus and the increasing number of cases.

According to Krishna Ella, CMD Bharat Biotech, the brilliant minds of the agency began working on the Zika virus a year ago. Reportedly, they have two candidate vaccines in development, of which one is an inactivated vaccine that has reached the stage of pre-clinical testing in animals.

The manufacturers hope to announce the arrival of Zikavac to the world as early as possible. The Vaccine can prove to be a boon for the Brazilin people as the nation is suffering with the epidemic the most and has reported more than 3,500 cases.

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